Estimation of spatial distribution and symmetry of textile materials using lacunarity


  • Jacek Grzybowski
  • Tomasz BLACHOWICZ Silesian University of Technology, Inst. Phys. - CSE, S. Konarskiego 22B str, 44-100 Gliwice



Lacunarity, Succolarity, Structural analysis, Knitted fabrics, Microscopic images


Numerical classification of textile materials, aramid, viscose, and PAN/WV, is proposed using lacunarity analysis of monochromatic digital representation of optical microscopic images. The method is sensitive to the spatial distribution of fibers, and equivalently, to the empty spaces between them. This means that lacunarity is able to quantitatively express a given level of spatial in-plane symmetries of single-face fabrics.


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Lacunarity of investigated samples as a function of the moving square-side length a for nonoverlapping testing boxes




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Jacek Grzybowski, & BLACHOWICZ, T. (2020). Estimation of spatial distribution and symmetry of textile materials using lacunarity. Communications in Development and Assembling of Textile Products, 1(2), 180–185.



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